Elephanta Island Experience

Elephanta Island Experience
Village tour of Elephanta Island

Mystic Elephanta Caves have always mesmerized world tourists. Elephanta island is home not only to the renowned caves but also three villages, 1200 villagers & beautiful forest. In our new venture, we aim to welcome you to our small world at Elephanta island, to show glimpses of our culture, our heritage & our hospitality.

We call it, ?Taste of Elephanta?, a unique experience where tourists will visit the Village of Elephanta Island. A tour across the village of Rajbander followed by relishing on the local home cooked food.

Tour Ingredients

  • Explore the rustic village beauty on foot
  • Village, people, nature, enjoy the simplicity of life!
  • Visit to local village school , a humbling experience
  • "Atithi Devo Bhava",Guest is equal to God?, witness our hospitality at local village house
  • Enjoy sumptuous meal in local flavour (Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian)
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